This Police Officer’s Mission Is To Mentor Civil Service Aspirants And Help Them Crack The Competitive Exams

Beginning around 2016, Police Officer Mahesh Bhagwat has coached north of 1250 all-India administration wannabes who have prevailed in the UPSC tests

Telangana: The Indian Forest Service 2021 test results are barely out and Mahesh Bhagwat’s telephone hasn’t quit ringing and blaring. The 1995 group IPS official had tutored 108 understudies and more than 50% have made it. Furthermore, somewhere around 10 in the main 20 are on the legitimacy list. Many calls, as Mr Bhagwat salutes the fruitful competitors, he has one directive for every one of them. To each chose competitor, from all aspects of the country, Raipur to Manipur, Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh, he demands them to work well for individuals and furthermore to guide other people who are as yet attempting to prevail in the serious tests. ‘Reward society,’ says the tutor to every one of them.

Beginning around 2016, Mahesh Bhagwat has been the magistrate of Rachakonda, region wise the greatest commissionerate in the nation, spread more than 5000 square kilometers and four areas, with enormous metropolitan and provincial portions.

During these six years, he has tutored in excess of 1250 all-India administration competitors who have prevailed in the Union Public Service Commission tests, to join the all-India IAS, IPS, Indian Forest Service as well as other Central administrations like the Indian Foreign Service.

Dr Kiranmayi Koppisetti, IAS probationer who got All India Rank 56 in the UPSC tests says the way that he required some investment is the most valuable gift he gave every one of them.

Assuming somebody is giving time, that is the most valuable thing they have given. Mahesh Bhagwat framed a Whatsapp bunch and would post articles each and every day. Regardless of whether I was unable to understand papers, what he posted kept me refreshed.

“Sir likewise allowed us 45 minutes to one hour on telephone before the meeting. I addressed him for one hour 15 minutes on telephone. He proposed what all regions I ought to go completely ready for the meeting and that has certainly helped me in replying in the last meeting.”

IPS probationer K. Rahul Reddy says his dad brings up that it is astounding to the point that the magistrate of police, of the commissionerate where they live, is giving one to two hours to a not even cleared the wannabe test.

I’m special to be in touch with him and furthermore gain all the information that he has given. Also, the sort of work he does. That is moving. In any event, for the DAFT that is Detailed Application Form. What sir does is he takes up a DAFT and takes out each word and gives us 50-60 inquiries on that solitary word. So we get ready before hand, prior to going to meet with and afterward it is smooth excursion since we have proactively examined and pondered with a working bureuacrat who has a ton of field insight. So we know what’s in store and what they anticipate from us.

Mohd Abdul Rawoof, who has recently come to the Indian Forest Service, with merit rank 30, has shown up with his folks to thank his coach.

By and by, Sir has been removing from out of his bustling timetable to converse with competitors or telephone or Whatsapp. In any event, when he is in the US, he called individuals who were having interview that week. He gets some down time for everybody, taking a gander at their own assets and regions to improve, nearly modified approach.

“Expertly, he has a coordinated gathering where he shares different review material, various instances of individuals who work in field, he welcomes his batchmates, seniors and youngsters to give talk and direction, on how various activities are working, etc.”

Mr Bhagwat who has won numerous honors for his attention on friendly issues like illegal exploitation, youngster work and kid relationships, says he found support from tutors when he was battling, so he is doing his piece now.


My wellspring of fulfillment is the progress of the up-and-comers. I have seen up-and-comers coming from modest and testing foundation, they are planning for quite a long time together, and when they get wanted achievement, IAS, police administration IPS, IFS, the sort of fulfillment I am traversing their grinning faces is unbelievable.’

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