Sony HT-S400 2.1-Channel Soundbar Review: Straightforward And Capable

The Sony HT-S400 has an evaluated result of 330W for the 2.1-channel speaker framework.

Sony is among the greatest names in the soundbar and home amusement speaker portion, yet the vast majority of the Japanese brand’s standard choices are in premium cost sections. Purchasers with a spending plan of around Rs. 25,000 or less as a rule need to take a gander at choices from brands like JBL and Polk Audio, or truly reasonable items from Blaupunkt, Zebronics, and so forth. Sony’s most recent soundbar, the HT-S400, gives it a strong presence in the fairly reasonable soundbar space, and commitments proficient execution at a sensible cost.

Valued at Rs. 21,990, the Sony HT-S400 is a 2.1-channel soundbar that spotlights on the significant stuff, including plan, network, and simplicity of arrangement. With a remote subwoofer, an evaluated sound result of 330W, and both wired and remote network choices, is this the best sensibly valued soundbar situation you can purchase at the present time? Figure out in this audit.

Sony HT-S400 plan and particulars

Albeit significantly more reasonable than the Sony HT-S40R soundbar, the fresher HT-S400 looks and feels far improved, because of a more pleasant grille at the front, and an intriguing surface on the body. All things considered, it’s as yet circumspect and somewhat barely noticeable completely, which is precisely exact thing a soundbar ought to seem to be. The size of the bar speaker recommends that it’s best utilized with a 43-inch TV, in spite of the fact that I tried it with a 55-inch TV for this survey.

Obviously, the lower cost of the Sony HT-S400 is a direct result of the extensively unique key particulars. Dissimilar to the 5.1-channel HT-S40R, this is a 2.1-channel soundbar, with a solitary two-channel bar speaker, and a different remote subwoofer. The evaluated sound result is likewise a fair piece lower at 330W, split between the 130W subwoofer and 200W bar speaker. The subwoofer weighs 7.3kg and just backings remote network with the 2.4kg bar speaker, with the last option filling in as an expert gadget and taking care of availability with outside gadgets.

The business bundle of the Sony HT-S400 incorporates power links for the bar speaker and subwoofer, an optical (Toslink) sound link for wired network, and a little remote (alongside batteries). The bar speaker has a little monochrome OLED show at the front, which shows essential data, including the sound source and volume levels.

At the highest point of the bar speaker are the touch-delicate buttons, which can be utilized to control power, volume, and sound source even without the remote. The rear of the speaker has two ports — HDMI and Optical (Toslink) — for wired availability, and there is likewise Bluetooth 5 for remote network, with help for the SBC codec.

The remote of the Sony HT-S400 soundbar framework is little and rather helpful, is fueled by two AAA batteries, and has only a couple of buttons on it to control the essential highlights and customisations. This incorporates center capabilities like power, volume, and source choice, alongside the capacity to change the subwoofer volume level to change the bass, and two or three determinations to enhance the sound for voice or Sony’s Sound Field mode.

The Sony HT-S400 is very simple to arrangement. The bar speaker and subwoofer did, obviously, need to associate with independent power attachments, however the remote availability intended that there was no wire between the two parts themselves. Sony’s exclusive remote network convention worked dependably, with the subwoofer quickly interfacing with the bar speaker when the last option was turned on, and keeping a steady association. I involved HDMI ARC for availability with the TV for my survey, alongside periodic Bluetooth network to pay attention to music from my cell phone.

Different elements on the Sony HT-S400 incorporate HDMI CEC, TV Wireless Connection (which takes into consideration remote network with Sony Bravia TVs without utilizing Bluetooth), and support for the Dolby Digital sound configuration. HDMI CEC functioned admirably, and I had the option to control the Sony HT-S400 (essential capabilities like volume) even with the remote of the Chromecast with Google TV that I had associated with my TV, while turning the TV on or off comparably controlled the force of the soundbar framework while involving HDMI ARC for network.

Sony HT-S400 execution

The Sony HT-S400 is definitely not an especially muddled or intensely prepared soundbar framework. The 2.1-channel arrangement implies that it needs to downmix higher-goal sound organizations to sound system for yield, and the real length of the bar is the main differentiator between the HT-S400 and a common three-piece sound system speaker framework. Notwithstanding, regardless of its specialized inadequacies, the Sony HT-S400 conveys shockingly clear execution which is an impressive improvement over most TV speakers.

The speaker game plan likewise implies that the Sony HT-S400 is especially great with music, and makes a fair showing of making even motion pictures and TV programs sound stronger and better. I viewed the sound as spotless, the soundstage to be sensibly roomy, and the sonic mark to be genuinely adjusted. The subwoofer wasn’t excessively strong for the bar speaker, and the two parts functioned admirably together.

Obviously, the fairly fundamental driver course of action implies that the Sony HT-S400 is uninterested by cutting edge sound organizations, evening downmix the essential 5.1-channel encoding that most present day content on web-based features give. It made a respectable showing with this in any case, no matter what the sort of happy I watched. The extensive size of the soundstage was especially good to pay attention to, particularly with films, for example, The Gray Man and The Batman where the foundation score and sounds had a major effect on the review insight.

Where the Sony HT-S400 truly has an effect is in how noisy it can get. With an evaluated result of 330W between the bar speaker and subwoofer, the soundbar framework is impressively stronger than whatever most TVs — financial plan or premium — can convey. With the volume turned up, the HT-S400 soundbar framework had the option to deliver a noisy, wide, and clear sound that worked with a wide range of content. Voices were sharp, foundation scores were unmistakable and clean, and there were no huge volume spikes that required regular change.

I would in general have the Sony HT-S400 framework at a moderately high volume level more often than not, yet there was dependably space to go further if necessary. At exceptionally high volumes, the sound would in general lose a touch of refinement, yet this isn’t a volume level you’ll frequently, if by any means, need to get to. The 60% volume level was sufficient for generally satisfied for me, yet I pushed it to up to 75 percent for specific discourse centered content like Better Call Saul and Masaba.

The sound additionally felt exceptionally adjusted, with the subwoofer feeling like the ideal size and result for the bar speaker. The bass never felt excessively forceful as is many times the situation with spending plan and mid-range soundbars, yet it didn’t feel kept down or insufficient by the same token. It is feasible to change the volume of the simply the subwoofer utilizing the remote, yet I viewed the default level as fine generally, and I changed it just at times when I expected to keep the volume low and couldn’t hear exchange plainly .

The Sony HT-S400 has something the brand calls ‘S-Force Pro Front Surround’, which is said to offer a virtual encompass audio cue with just the forward looking speakers. This wasn’t exactly the situation in that frame of mind, with no massive impact of sound coming from the back or even the sides, even from the Sound Field mode. The Voice and Night modes (which can be chosen by means of the remote) made the sound more voice-engaged and gentler separately, yet at the same just barely.

The 2.1-channel arrangement implied that the Sony HT-S400 soundbar framework performed sensibly well with music, whether from the associated shrewd TV or over Bluetooth. The noisy result, open soundstage, and adjusted sound were charming for a decently measured room even at low volume levels, and the capacity to change the a little of additional assault and punch was very helpful.


The Sony HT-S400 soundbar may be a piece unprepared and ailing in highlights, however this isn’t really something terrible. Where the soundbar sparkles is in its straightforwardness of arrangement and use, clearly and adjusted sound, and reasonable value for what’s on offer. All things considered, the absence of cutting edge sound configuration backing and encompass sound (genuine or virtual) are things to remember, similar to the way that this is actually a 2.1-channel speaker framework worked to work like a soundbar.

Get the Sony HT-S400 on the off chance that you have a spending plan of around Rs. 25,000 and need something that adds volume, assault, and drive to your home diversion arrangement. You can likewise consider choices from brands like Polk Audio and JBL, yet Sony’s clear methodology and spotlight on the center usefulness makes the HT-S400 worth checking out.

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