Muslim Religious Leader Killed In Maharashtra’s Nashik: Report

Khwaja Sayyad Chishti was prevalently known as ‘Sufi Baba’ in Yeola, an authority said.

Mumbai: A 35-year-old Muslim people group strict pioneer hailing from Afghanistan was shot dead by a gathering of four unidentified people in Yeola town of Maharashtra’s Nashik region on Tuesday, police said.

A potential thought process behind the homicide was not quickly known.

The occurrence occurred at night at an open plot in the MIDC area of Yeola town, around 200 km from Mumbai, the police said.

The person in question, distinguished as Khwaja Sayyad Chishti, was prevalently known as ‘Sufi Baba’ in Yeola, an authority said.

He was fired with a gun in the brow by the aggressors, following which he passed on the spot, the authority said.

Subsequent to killing Sufi Baba, a resident of Afghanistan, the aggressors held onto a SUV utilized by him and escaped the spot, he said.

An offense of homicide was enlisted at the Yeola police headquarters and a chase was on to seize the executioners, the authority said.


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